How To Remove Decals From Your Vehicle, Safely And Easily

One article that we featured here with Motor City Decals is about how to apply decals to your vehicle, and now we will be discussing the ways to remove decals that you do not need anymore on your car or motorcycle. You will also learn how to remove the glue that is left behind from the decal.

The first thing you want to do is grab a heat gun for removing the decals, in case you don’t have a heat gun, you can use a hair dryer instead, just make sure that your wife or your mother is not using it.

Next thing you want to do is to point the heat gun or dryer to the decal that you want to remove making sure that the gun does not heat the part of the vehicle with the decal too much. for example, a motorcycle flaring is made of plastic, you would want to be very careful in heating up the plastic because it may damage the flaring, if possible, put the gun in low heat.

Gently peel off the decal, still by pointing the gun underneath the decal. After completely removing the decals a line of sticky residue is left on the surface, you now need to grab some all purpose oil or better a WD-40. Use a microfiber cloth for wiping off the glue. Do not spray directly on the surface but spray the oil on the cloth that you are going to use and gently wipe the glue residue. Do not rub the surface of your vehicle too hard for it might cause scratches on the paint.

When all of the decals and glue are removed make sure that you give your vehicle a good wash to remove the oil and grease from removing the decals. It’s not really that hard to remove decals but some people try to remove them without using a heat gun or a hair dryer, and the results can be devastating, scratches and smudges will then be seen on the surface. You just need to do some simple tricks on taking care of decal easily and effortlessly.

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