How To Apply A Car Decal Sticker

There are so many tutorials on how to apply car vinyl decals to your precious car, and some of them may be a little difficult to understand. here we will have a step by step tutorial on how to apply a decal as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1.  Be sure to clean the surface on where you will put the decal. Make it a point that the surface is free from dirt, oil or dust. Use a microfiber towel for the cleaning process. Try to mix in a bottle half rubbing alcohol and half water. It gets rid of the residue on the car surface from rain and other dirty elements. for the decal to properly stick to the surface.

Step 2. Peel the vinyl sticker from the base paper and make sure that the sticker is free from dirt and foreign elements that will prevent the sticker from sticking to the surface without flaw. Start by placing the middle part of the sticker to the surface and gently let go of the sides to prevent air bubbles and gently rub the sticker by your finger to make it completely stick to the surface.

Step 3. When the sticker is completely in place, you can use a vinyl application squeegee to rub the vinyl flat on the car surface. After rubbing with the squeegee, gently peel the top part sticker from the corner, gently pull the front sticker until the entire decal design stays on the surface.

Step 4. Make a quick inspection of the decal to make sure that there are no parts of the decal are lifted, you may want to rub the lifted parts with the squeegee again if you see any bubbles. You can also use any small edged blade to pop up any bubbles present inside the vinyl decal and rub it out.

So there you go, simple steps on how to install vinyl decals. Anyone can do it like a professional. Just make sure that you put the sticker in the correct spot that you decided to install it, because if you put it in the wrong place and you are not happy about it, removing the decal could be a bit messy and hard to do.

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